Welcome to SYNERG-E

With increasing demand for high power charging (HPC) for electric vehicles (EV), the necessity for grid connections up to 1 MW per charging site become a reality, already in 2018. This leads to an increasing problem regarding grid connection at locations most suitable for EV charging, like highway stations, shopping centres or petrol stations. Additionally the electricity generation becomes more and more volatile which increases the requirements for balancing the electricity grid. The SYNERG-E project addresses both challenges by securing a reliable power connection for HPC network operators on the one hand and providing grid services for transmission system operators (TSO) on the other hand. Strong partners from the electricity and e-mobility sector joined forces to cooperate in this innovative synergy project.

SYNERG-E at a glance

The project’s overall objective is to create synergies between the energy (electricity transmission and storage) and transport (EV charging) infrastructure and to remove barriers for the future roll out in Europe. To do so, ten stationary battery storage systems (approx. 0.5 MW each) are deployed in Austria and Germany in a real-life-trial to test installation and management of these batteries for a future roll out at high power EV charging stations. The batteries will serve the HPC stations with a reliable and cost-effective grid connection on the one hand, as well as provide grid services for TSOs. With increasing deployment of HPC networks across Europe, the challenges for the electricity grid will increase. SYNERG-E is a first step to test how local storage systems could provide solutions for these challenges. Five of the ten batteries deployed will be installed in Austria and in Germany respectively.

VERBUND is responsible for coordinating the overall project and deploying the batteries in 2018 / 2019 at the HPC sites. SMATRICS and Allego are location partners (both deploying HPC networks), closely cooperating with VERBUND on local battery and HPC management. All partners cooperate for the elaboration of accompanying studies that focus on technical requirements, business solutions and communication of results. SYNERG-E (2016-EU-SA-0013) receives funds from the Connecting Europe Facility, under the CEF Synergy Call 2016.