At the final event at the end of January, the project partners Allego, SMATRICS and VERBUND took stock. Together with other stakeholders, they exchanged experiences on the implementation of the 9 SYNERG-E sites in Germany and Austria, flexibility marketing and the use of batteries for peak shaving.

The keynote presentations are available for download here:

Project overview by Karl Zach (VERBUND)

Best practice "structure & implementation" by Georg Podivinsky (VERBUND)

Best practice "implementation SYNERG-E site Kaltenkirchen" by Luc Doerwald (Allego)

Best practice "implementation SYNERG-E sites in Austria" by Leonard Müller (SMATRICS)

Power-Flex strategy - flexibility marketing -  by Harald Ott (VERBUND)

Use of the batteries for peakshaving by Peter Krabb (VERBUND)

SYNERG-E project closing and outlook by Jan Cupal (VERBUND)